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At The Baum Law Corp. we handle complex Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Cannabis Law, and White Collar Crime.  We fight to defend and protect individual rights and personal liberty by providing superior legal counsel for each and every client. 

Most people accused of crimes or are good citizens with no serious criminal conduct in their past who simply made a mistake.  You may be factually innocent!  In every case, our California criminal defense attorneys can help you fight the charges, often times keeping the stigma of a criminal conviction off your record.

If you are a licensed professional or business operating in the State of California, and doing business in Los Angeles, you may be sued in Los Angeles Superior Court, even though you may have done everything right –  you still may be involved in civil action and even sued for damages in Superior Court! We will defend your rights.

Whether your legal challenge is large, or small, we are commitment to providing exceptional communication and outstanding counsel to guide you through the legal process and towards a successful and positive resolution of your matter.

Our innovative, client-first approach to our practice blends the best of experience, teamwork, and personal service.  We work closely with each client’s unique situation to devise creative, practical, and viable solutions to complex legal problems. Since 2001, we are continually working to maintain the ideal practice to serve your legal needs. 

Real Clients, Real Results

I made it through a difficult layoff in the entertainment industry thanks to the wisdom and guidance of David Baum.

He is a highly experienced attorney that helped me navigate through complicated paperwork to ensure that my rights were not violated. He is dedicated to providing outstanding representation to his clients, and has a well-deserved reputation for being a committed and tenacious lawyer!

- Deborah Clemente

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