Unlawful Detainer for Landlords and Tenants

BAUM LAW CORPORATION proudly represents both Landlords and Tenants in Unlawful Detainer actions. We understand the frustration involved when a landlord has a terrible tenant. On the other hand, our firm also understands the frustrations involved when a tenant is forced to deal with a landlord who fails to meet their responsibilities, such as failure to make necessary repairs.

Our firm helps landlords and tenants use the law to settle their disputes. Specifically, our attorneys file unlawful detainer actions that prompt a court to decide whether or not a landlord has the legal right to take back the property, or is required to make repairs to the property.

Protect yourself in these situations by contacting an attorney who will make sure you are taking lawful actions. BAUM LAW CORPORATION is here to guide you through this difficult time with thoughtful and detailed legal advice.

With 15 years of trial experience, BAUM LAW CORPORATION goes above and beyond the others in protecting your rights and advancing your objectives, integrating solution strategies into each client’s broader objectives. We explore ways to achieve goals through negotiation, mediation or arbitration whenever these options are available. For additional information about our firm’s experience with unlawful detainer actions in Los Angeles County and Southern California, contact BAUM LAW CORPORATION.

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I made it through a difficult layoff in the entertainment industry thanks to the wisdom and guidance of David Baum.

He is a highly experienced attorney that helped me navigate through complicated paperwork to ensure that my rights were not violated. He is dedicated to providing outstanding representation to his clients, and has a well-deserved reputation for being a committed and tenacious lawyer!

- Deborah Clemente

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