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Contracts are at the heart of any business transaction and are vital to the success of your business. No matter how carefully drafted a contract may be, the unfortunate reality is that contracts are also at the heart of most business litigation.

In disputes surrounding the validity, meaning, and enforceability of business contracts, trust the experienced legal team at BAUM LAW CORPORATION to protect your interests.

BAUM LAW CORPORATION has more than 15 years of trial experience, an excellent reputation in the legal community and a level of confidence not found at many law firms. To discuss your contractual rights, obligations or options with an experienced lawyer, call or contact us in Los Angeles, California, to schedule a free initial consultation.

Our Practice

We represent clients in business contract disputes throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Our firm represents plaintiffs in business-related breach of contract claims seeking monetary damages, specific performance and other available remedies. We also defend businesses, corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and other commercial entities in business contract disputes.

We also offer transactional and operational advice to closely held companies and family businesses throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Many clients depend on our firm to serve as their general counsel. For more information about the scope of our practice and our approach to client service, contact BAUM LAW CORPORATION in Los Angeles, California.

Real Clients, Real Results

I made it through a difficult layoff in the entertainment industry thanks to the wisdom and guidance of David Baum.

He is a highly experienced attorney that helped me navigate through complicated paperwork to ensure that my rights were not violated. He is dedicated to providing outstanding representation to his clients, and has a well-deserved reputation for being a committed and tenacious lawyer!

- Deborah Clemente

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