Case Victories

Case Victories for Domestic Violence

Charges: Battery and Spousal Abuse
Potential Punishment: 1 year in county jail
Outstanding Result: All charges were dismissed
Charges: Domestic Violence
Possible Punishment: 1 year in county jail, 1 year domestic violence program, stay-away orders.
Outstanding Result: Dismissal of Charges

Client was accused of hitting, and throwing the mother of his child. Client’s defense was that he was actually the victim, that his accuser had been the aggressor and he had only defended himself. Based upon diligent investigation and re-interviews with the accuser, the accuser finally admitted to being the aggressor and her revised statement was instrumental in convincing the prosecution to dismiss the charges.

Drug Crimes Case Victories

Charges: Felony Transportation and Sales, and Possession with Intent to Sell Marijuana.
Possible Punishment: 7 years in prison
Outstanding Result: All charges dismissed

As a result of tedious and relentless advocacy, the prosecution dismissed the felony charges and the client pleaded guilty to 1 misdemeanor violation of possession of marijuana. He received a fine and probation with no jail time.

Charges: Felony Possession with Intent to Sell, Transportation, and Sales of Exstacy
Potential Punishment: 7 years in prison
Outstanding Result: Client received Prop 36 treatment and all charges were dismissed form his record upon successful completion.

The client was ineligible for Prop 36 treatment based on the charges but the Court was persuaded through zealous advocacy to make a “personal use” finding which enabled the client to enter into Prop 36 treatment.

Charges: Possession of Special K
Potential Punishment: 3 years in prison
Outstanding Result: Charge dismissed

Client entered into a deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) program and all charges were dismissed upon successful completion.

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I made it through a difficult layoff in the entertainment industry thanks to the wisdom and guidance of David Baum.
He is a highly experienced attorney that helped me navigate through complicated paperwork to ensure that my rights were not violated. He is dedicated to providing outstanding representation to his clients, and has a well-deserved reputation for being a committed and tenacious lawyer!
- Deborah Clemente

"I've known David since high school and find him to be a caring and trustworthy person, but also brilliant. I am honored to be in his life”
March 17, 2011
- Georgette Deckard
Personal / executive assistant, Executive assistant

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"David went right to work on our tax problem and, very economically, produced a result that enabled us to counter an IRS position. I would recommend him without reservation."
Year first hired:2010
- Rex Rhinesmith

David is knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate and extremely competent.
I would recommend him for any assignment that falls within his expertise.
- Barry Howard

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